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    What does a FITPRO Ambassador get?
    • 30% off lifetime discount on all FITPRO Products.
    • Your own personalised unique code to share on Instagram.
    • 10% off for all your friends, family & followers.
    • 10% commission for all customers you refer to our online store. 
    • Access to our private facebook group.
    • Monthly challenges & rewards
    • Early access to all new releases.
    Question: How are commissions paid?
    Answer: We pay all our commissions via PayPal.
    Question: Is there an age limit?
    Answer: No.
    Question: Is there a certain amount of followers you must have to qualify? 
    Answer: No.
    • FITPRO cannot be held liable for any injuries you may occur when creating content for promoting your FITPRO Products.
    • As a Brand Ambassador, you MUST share your title 'FITPRO Ambassador' in your Instagram bio along with your unique code.
    • Post a minimum of 3 times per month featuring our products.