Struggling to grow your glutes? This could be why!

Did you know that your glutes will grow faster if they are activated before training? In this blog, we will cover the 3 biggest questions about glute activation.

  1. What Is Glute Activation?
  2. Why Will Glute Activation Help Grow Your Glutes?
  3. How To Activate Your Glutes?

What Is Glute Activation?

Most of us work at a desk job sitting down or some sort of sedentary job so by the end of the day, our glutes muscles are tight and sleepy from lack of use. Glute activation refers to 'activating' or 'firing up' the gluteal muscles in a bid to target them more efficiently for exercise and strengthen them. Activated glutes work more efficiently yielding better results. On the other hand, inactive glutes can mean that the muscles are weak and are not relied on as much as they should be during physical movements so your results from glute training may be inhibited.

Why Does Glute Activation Help Grow Your Glutes?

There are several benefits to glute activation such as improved speed, acceleration and explosive power leading to better performance and faster growth in the glutes. Activated glutes will also work with your other core muscles to support your spine and maintain your posture meaning strong glutes can help to prevent backache and other pains after heavy lifts. 

How Do I Activate My Glutes?

We are going to show you the most efficient way to activate your glutes. For this short glute activation routine we recommend using either our Mini Booty Bands or our Super Booty Bands.

Exercise 1:
Banded Sitting Hip Abductions
Do for 30 secs + 30 sec rest

Exercise 2:
Banded Pause Squats (pause for 3-5 seconds)
Do for 30 secs + 30 sec rest

Exercise 3:
Banded Crab Walks (5 metres)
Do for 30 secs + 30 sec rest

Exercise 4:
Banded Donkey Kicks
Do for 30 secs + 30 sec rest

Exercise 5:
Banded Jump Squats
Do for 30 secs + 30 sec rest

Do each exercise for 30 seconds on and 30 seconds rest. Repeat 1-2 times and this should get your glutes firing. Don’t forget to stretch before this glute activation routine and after if needed.


Mini Booty Bands for Glute Activation (Latex bands)

Mini Booty Bands (latex bands) are the go-to type of bands for most girls when activating their glutes because of the extra stretch and lighter strength they have compared to our Super Booty Bands (cotton bands). When using latex mini bands your movements will get more range of motion to activate the glute muscles more effectively. It's important to understand that when performing glute activation exercise your goal is to wake up the muscles, not tire them. Our Mini Booty Bands come in a set of 3 with each band providing a different level of resistance from light, medium to heavy. These bands also come with a small carry bag for convenience.

Super Booty Bands for Glute Activation (Cotton/latex blend bands).

Just because the Mini Booty Bands are the go-to for some girls, doesn’t mean you can’t achieve great results with our Super Booty Bands (cotton bands). These bands are terrific for glute activation and make a great accessory to enhance your normal gym exercises. The Super Booty Bands also provide enough resistance to train with no equipment at all for those days you can’t make it to the gym or simply want to train at home. Our Super Glute Bands come in 3 levels of resistance and can be purchased as a set or individually. 

Now you know why you should be activating your glutes with the right equipment, it's time to put it into practice!

What bands will you be activating your glutes with?


How long should glute activation take?

When activating your glutes, it’s not supposed to take up half your gym session, it should only to take about 5-10 mins depending on what exercises your doing. 

How do I know if my glute muscles are activated?

There is no test you can do to find out ‘if’ your glutes are activated - you can only judge by how your body feels. When your warming up you should feel your legs and booty muscles begin to feel loose and ready for exercise. If they feel tight or tired, it probably means they are not ready for heavy lifts yet so simply do some more stretches or a few more light exercises to get those glutes firing.

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