Kenzie’s top booty exercises

Kenzie’s top booty exercises

Give these exercises a try!

Single leg step back
Place the bands above your knees
Step one of your legs back, then bring forward
lean your weight on your front foot
*TIP- try not to put much weight on your back leg

Single leg step ups
Place the bands above your knees
Put one leg on top of the bench
Push down thru your heel to step up onto the bench
*TIP- keep your weight on the foot that’s on the bench

Place band just above your knees
Kneel down on your hands and knees
Pushing your leg back & upwards, slowly bring the leg to starting position
*TIP- brace your core & don’t swing your leg back

Elbow Plank with side step
Place your band above your knees
Start in a elbow plank
Extend your leg out to the side, gently tap your toes on the ground
*TIP- keep your core tight, don’t let your back drop.




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