Booty Bands to achieve better glutes

Booty Bands to achieve better glutes

In our everyday exercise routines, often we fail to incorporate one type of crucial type of exercise. One that focuses on areas that lend to our physique as women. I am talking about our glutes. What are glutes? Glutes are responsible for the rotation of the hip joint as well as hip expansion. Yes, you read that right, Hip extension, and expansion. For most women, that is a major goal that is sought after. 

Exercising our glutes ensures that they stay active and fire up properly. If this muscle is neglected, one is bound to experience hamstring injuries and pain and lower back pain just to name a few. This repercussion comes when other muscles of the body take over for the inactive glutes.

How can one improve proper functioning of the glutes, and get your lower back area into perfect shape? By incorporating booty bands into your normal exercise routine. The glute muscles are normally neglected in another type of exercises, but booty band exercises focus on the glutes specifically. Hence, increasing your exercise routine by doubling the results.

Booty bands come with many advantages, one of them is that you can use them in the comforts of your home. Moreover, they are small enough to fit in your bag. Hence, you can carry them to work, or even when you travel, allowing you to stick to your exercise routine.

The bands are built to provide resistance against working muscles, challenging and strengthening them. They provide extra burn in your normal workout routine in a short time frame. Individuals that prefer jogging are advised to take part in glute activation exercises right before they run.

Exercises one can do while incorporating booty bands include:

Standing Kickbacks:

This exercise is normally used to strengthen the leg muscles. Incorporating booty bands make this exercise routine even more effective in challenging the leg muscles.

Side Shuffle:

This type of workout not only exercises your glutes, but your hip muscles, hamstrings, and calves. It is usually a great cardio workout routine, but adding the booty band makes it that much more beneficial. Adding the band not only transforms it into a fat burning routine, but it tightens your core and increases your speed and agility.

Monster Step:

This exercise involves the legs, and goes well together with the booty band to achieve maximum results. Monster steps involve taking huge steps forward while keeping the legs wide apart, and later, moving backward. Monster step exercise works the middle part of the glutes and the abductor muscles as well.


This exercise looks and may seem very simple, but it really burns out the muscles while using the booty band. The loop band makes all the difference in adding that extra challenge that is required.

Lying Abductor Lift:

Individuals that exercise a lot know this exercise all too well. It can be done at the beginning before the workout session, or at the end of a stretch. Normally, this workout routine does not exercise the glutes. Adding the booty band makes all the difference by not only involving the glutes but the external rotators.

In conclusion, incorporating booty bands makes a huge difference in exercising the largest muscle in our body, the glute. It will not only firm up our lower body, but will activate and fire up the glute for better performance.  


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